Holidays are exhausting

Roger Harrison, photographer, waldorf hotel, ras al khaimah, golf course,

Waldorf Golf Course RAK

Well here I am on holiday on the beautiful island of Mallorca. I say ‘holiday’ a word loaded with meaning, AND different meanings depending on who is using it. Today I am doing a Blogging course in Son Vida beside the golf course, no time to nip out with the iphone for a picture so you will have to look at the golf course behind our new home in RAK!

Go back a few months….there I was in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia finishing my teaching contract with all that an approaching end of term involved: report writing; graduation ceremony; Year 6 disco; classroom tidy up; leaving parties etc etc. added to that we had to pack up house for our move down to RAK in the Emirates. (Moving from Saudi now that is a whole other blog.)  Anyway my mum and sister decided that 3 weeks of my summer holiday would be spent taking mum from London to stay with said sister. Sounded like a plan and the best part was that we didn’t have to stay with her but in a friend’s house just across her street!

What they didn’t tell me was that it meant that staying in the house meant looking after a dog and 2 cats as well as watering the plants and grass twice a day!


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